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Message from the Chair

"Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the Fairness Commission over the past two years. We have now formally completed our work – but we see our final report as the beginning of a wider campaign for fairness in York. ‘A better York for everyone’ was published in September 2012. It proposes 10 Fairness Principles, makes 7 major recommendations and brings together a host of Ideas for Action. City of York Council is taking the lead in delivering our recommendations. We urge all of you to read our report and find ways in which you can campaign for and contribute to greater fairness in the city."

York Fairness Commission

What is the Fairness Commission?

The Fairness Commission was set up in 2011 by City of York Council as an independent advisory body to recommend ways the Council can increase fairness and reduce inequality in York. More »

Who are the Fairness Commissioners?

The Commissioners were non-political and completely independent of the Council. They were appointed for their professional expertise and their personal commitment to fairness and social justice in York. More »

Read our Reports

You can download a copy of all of our reports here

York Fairness Commission

Fairness Links

Find out what other organisations and Fairness Commissions are doing to identify the facts and find ways to tackle poverty and inequality nationally and in other cities in the UK. More »