Fairness Commission Terms of Reference

In its public engagement and development of the report for Council the Commission will have regard to:

Timescales - the report to Council will need to be available in November so that it can influence spending plans that will first be published at the start of the formal budget process in January 2012.

Council Data - the Council will supply a synthesis of data and any existing analysis about York, its residents and characteristics as context.

Council Plans - the Council will supply information about its existing strategies and plans including budget information as context for the Commission’s recommendations.

Inclusion - The Fairness Commission will empower localities as well as communities of interest to put their views about council priorities and budgets forward and to influence any decisions about allocation of resources.

It will work with York community and voluntary sector groups  that advocate for improvements in the quality of life of residents and visitors, especially those who face disadvantage because of gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion and belief, age, gender re-assignment, or because they are carers of older or disabled people. 

In particular, the Commission will work through community groups that are involved in council’s Equality Advisory Group and York CVS forums and partnerships (http://www.yorkcvs.org.uk/ycvs-groups) to reach out to people with multiple needs who find it hard to make their voices heard, so that they have every opportunity to be engaged in its work and to influence council priorities.

Accessibility - the Commission will ensure that all public meetings are accessible and that a range of alternative channels are made available to ensure the Commission is accessible to all residents.

Communication with CYC - the Council would like to maintain an open channel of communication with the Commission and to receive updates from the chair at the Council Management Team meetings. 

York Fairness Commission

What the Commission is doing now

The Commission formally completed its work in September 2012 with the publication of its final report: A better York for everyone. City of York Council has taken lead responsibility for delivering our recommendations.

York Fairness Commission